Owner Resources

The Wason Associates team is motivated to sell your property at the best possible price, within a timely manner. Our involvement in the selling process can begin as soon as two to three years before your property is actively for sale. During this time, we can make recommendations to enhance your property’s value, and target specific selling prices. Early involvement also helps our team structure the transaction to reduce the impact of federal and state taxes, allowing our clients to realize the highest net proceeds from the sale. 

Whether you are making long-term or short-term plans, Wason Associates offers far more than just brokerage, we can also help you refinance your existing properties to provide equity to expand your property portfolio and can advise you when it comes to all of your hospitality real estate endeavors.

Hotel Evaluation Program

We use our Hotel Evaluation Program to plan and execute the successful sale of hospitality properties, while also acquiring the best-selling price. We use a series of processes to effectively represent the sale of your hospitality real estate on all fronts, ensuring that you as a seller yield the most benefits from the transaction. 

Some of the features of our Hotel Evaluation Program include: 

  • The early-stage coordination of placing your property on the market for sale and completion of a financial and physical analysis of your hotel to enhance value and meet a specific target selling price.  
  • An opportunity to understand how your property is performing in comparison to the market 
  • A plan to understand how your property can be confidently marketed with as little inconvenience as possible 
  • Determining alternative means of disposition such as tax deferred exchanges, installment sales, etc. 
  • Pinpointing the equity in your current property to purchase additional properties and grow your portfolio 
  • Education on the selling process, the best time to sell, time-line breakdowns, and what to expect during the process 
  • Understanding the advantages of an aggressive marketing program, top-of-the-line strategies, the internal effect, and access to databases of prospective buyers 
  • Education and insight into the negotiation process, what you should and should not do 
  • Assistance in learning the importance of the terms and conditions of the sale and the allocation of the price’s effects on non-competition and goodwill allocations  
  • Transparency into the effect of the current franchise of potential franchise for independent properties 
  • Process review and planning to ensure an informed, smooth transaction 

Our Hotel Evaluation Program helps you lay down a roadmap for the future of your real estate investments by analyzing and reviewing your property to determine when the best time is to sell and the best way forward. The selling process can begin years before a hotel is offered for sale, and Wason Associates’ goal is to ensure the seller receives the highest net proceeds possible.