Owner Resources

As an owner you may have an exit strategy with consideration to selling soon or sometime in the next few years. Even as the market fluctuates, there continues to be significant interest in purchasing hospitality properties. Our qualified team will assist you with every detail, and offer guidance during every step of the sales process.

The Wason Associates team is driven to sell your property at the best price possible and within a reasonable amount of time. Optimally, we become involved two or even three years before a property is actively for sale. This allows us to make recommendations that will enhance the value of your property with specific targeted selling prices and also helps structure the transaction to reduce the impact of federal and state taxes.

Are you making long-range or short-term plans that may include selling, refinancing to provide equity to purchase other properties, or even giving consideration to developing a new business plan? Please allow our qualified and professional team to speak with you in detail about your transaction.

As a service to you, please review the benefits of our Hotel Evaluation Program located below. Planning well in advance of sale often helps in acquiring the best selling price in the future.

The Hotel Evaluation Program may include all or some of the following items:

  • The early stage of placing your property on the market for sale and completion of a financial and physical analysis of your hotel to enhance value and meet a specific targeted selling price
  • An opportunity to know how your property is performing as compared to the marketplace
  • How your property can be confidentially marketed with as little inconvenience as possible
  • Determine alternative means of disposition, ie. tax deferred exchanges. installment sales, etc.
  • Determine the equity in your current property to purchase another property and start to “grow your company”
  • Learn about the selling process: best time to sell, sales time-frame, and what to expect during the process
  • Understanding the advantages of an aggressive marketing program, state of the art marketing packages, the internet effect, and database of prospective buyers
  • Learn about the negotiation process, what to avoid and what to expect
  • Learn the importance of the terms and conditions of the sale and the allocation of the sales price’s effects of non-compete and goodwill allocations.
  • The effect of the current franchise or potential franchise for independent properties
  • Review the process in which you will benefit from an informed and hopefully smooth transaction


Our team welcomes you to the Wason Associates Hospitality Real Estate Brokerage Group web site. Here you will find relevant and up to date information on the market, review current transactions, learn about our services and most importantly review hotels offered for sale.


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